What We Do

Korea Social Service, Inc. (KSS) is a nonprofit social work organization working to help and guide children, youths,
women and families in the fields of child welfare and youth development. The major programs of KSS include
① counseling service program for children, women and families in need,
② sponsorship program for children of families in need,
③ aid prgram for social work organizations,
④ adoption program (domestic and international) for children in need,
⑤ post– adoption service program for adoptees and
⑥ youth development program for youths. The child welfare programs are administered by the Social Work Branch of KSS,
and the youth development programs are administered by Green Hill Training Center of KSS – a youth training center having
been managed by KSS since 1988, the main purpose of which is to develop, implement and promote out – of – school youth

Since its inception in 1964, KSS has placed approximately 20,000 children in need for adoption in Europe and U.S.A in
cooperation with its sister organizations abroad (refer to the information on KSS' sister oraganizations given below),
and has sponsored over 10,000 children and youths in need so that children who could not be raised whithin their own
families have found new homes, and children and youths whose familes were in need of support have been helped
grow up within their own families.

As a social work organization, KSS truly belives that helping and guiding our children and youths in order for them to be
able to grow up in a good environment to become valuable members of our society is our duty, and that our efforts in the
field of child welfare since 1964 have definitely produced fruitful results.

We, the staff at KSS, sincerely hope that through our post-adoption service program, we meet again and get to know
better our children and our old friends, and that the program helps make a precious turning point in their lives.

For Donation

① Wire Transfer

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Bank Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited
Account Number 250-20-399662
Information on KSS' Sister Organizations
서울 또는 다른 지역에 어떤 배움터 목록입니다.
USA Welcome House of Pearl S. Buck International www.pearlsbuck.org
USA Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota www.minnesotaadoption.org
USA Love the Children www.lovethechildren.com
USA Family Adoption Consultants, Inc. www.facadopt.org
The Netherlands Wereldkinderen www.wereldkinderen.nl
Denmark AC International Child Support www.a-c.dk
Switzerland Terres des hommes www.tdh.ch