Post-adoption Services
Things to Remember about Post-adoption Services
  • ① You are expected to apply in writing for post-adoption services through the organization in your country responsible
    for your adoption. You can refer to the information herein on KSS’ sister organizations abroad in finding your
    organization in your country.
  • ② If you are in Korea, and wish to have a counseling session with a social worker of KSS, you are expected to make an
    appointment with KSS well in advance. Please help us help you.
  • ③ If you are a minor, your adoptive parents must apply for post-adoption services on your behalf.
  • ④ In providing post-adoption services, KSS is expected to work for all the members of the adoption triad - adoptee,
    adoptive parents and biological parents, and KSS is not expected to release any Identifying personal information
    concerning a member without his/her prior consent.
  • ⑤ The degree of difficulty for KSS in locating biological famillies depends upon whether or not reliable personal
    information (correct name, date of birth, address, etc.) is present in its adoption file.
  • ⑥ Locating biological familles can be very time-consuming because of the nature of the work involved, and you are
    expected to be very patient with KSS in pursuing a family-reunion.